1 Year Later – Still Improving our QB2!

QuickBOLT has shown no signs of slowing down during the pandemic, and since the initial QB2 release we have continued to update the product. Today we’re looking back on the development of this solution over the last year.


Install on More Types of Roofs

Originally, the QB2 was meant for just Asphalt Shingle roofs in residential applications. QuickBOLT worked with installers to discover that QB2 could be used just as easily for commercial roofing materials like EPDM, TPO, and Rolled Asphalt.

Now, installers can take their favorite Microflashing® mounting solution and use it on more of their jobs. If they need a little more lift off the roof, they can opt for the Height Adjustable QuickBOLT. When used in commercial jobs as an alternative to standoffs, you can skip the pitch pans, the E-Curb™, and forget about building up any tar because all you need is a bit of sealant with the Height Adjustable QuickBOLT. Together they will maintain water protection through the patented BoltSeal™ technology.

Now that you can install a single product on so many different roof types, you’ll probably want a color option to match the material. That is possible with another one of QuickBOLT’s updates to the QB2.


Install with Style

Though most mounting solutions are sold in the stainless steel color we’re all familiar with, aesthetics have come to the forefront of the mounting industry and seen an increase in black-colored mounts. QuickBOLT was quick to see the trend and offer a solution that would allow installers to deliver the perfect look for their customers’ homes. Soon, every mount in the Original Top Mount line can be purchased with a milled black finish so that they blend right in with the asphalt roof. Find QB2 with the black L-Foot on QuickBOLT.com.


Install with More Ease

QuickBOLT has added another variation to the widely popular QuickBOLT line by introducing a Split-Top L-Foot to the available configurations. The Black Split-Top L-Foot can purchased in the QuickBOLT kit as 17962 (3” Microflashing®) or 17963 (4” Microflashing®).

Why a split-top? With an open L-Foot, installers can easily utilize and pair with saddle attachments found in popular racking systems. Slide your rails right in and carry on with your day.

That split-top feature will soon be found in QuickBOLTs’ deck-mounted solutions as well. Sign up for their email newsletter to receive updates about when it will become available.



Combine Top Mounts for the Ultimate Configuration

QB2 may be the newest QuickBOLT on the block, but the Direct-to-Deck Mount proudly holds the title for the newest Top Mount from QuickBOLT. They teased out this product later in 2020 with a preorder option on their website and knew they had a hit by selling out within days of officially making it available for purchase.

The D2D Direct-to-Deck Mount is an alternative to the rafter-mounted QuickBOLTs. Benefits to the installer? Mount this solution anywhere on the deck and skip locating tricky rafters. 

That flexibility has its tradeoffs though because deck-mounted products by nature cannot achieve as high of an uplift rating as rafter-mounted solutions. This means that if an installer wants to use only deck mounts they will need a higher quantity for their array.

Rick Gentry, VP of Sales at QuickBOLT offered this bit of wisdom into the marketplace,

“What we’ve been finding is installers are more interested in using a combination of the QuickBOLTs with the Direct-to-Decks rather than a full conversion to deck-mounted arrays. This way, they can maintain the superior uplift strength of the rafter-mounted products, and add some flexibility in placement with the deck-mounted solutions. We expect to see this type of combined configuration become very popular.”


Another Certification Benchmark Added to the List

All of these improvements QuickBOLT has made over the last year are the result of working with installers. They have been able to continuously adapt their solutions for new and exciting uses, like for their Top Mount combo mentioned earlier, by getting direct feedback from installers. This has lent to their success in designing products that fully comply with industry benchmarks, like receiving their Florida Product Approval earlier this year.

Thanks to the rigorous testing standard for Florida’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zone, the QB2 has been put through even tougher testing conditions by Intertek Labs than when first in development.

The end result is increased confidence in the products. If it can withstand a hurricane, there isn’t much else that could beat the QB2.



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