Why QuickBOLT?

At QuickBOLT, we believe solar mounting can be easier.

How do we work toward that belief? We supply one of the widest ranges of innovative solar mounts for residential and commercial roofs in the US market. From our patented products to the custom production services we offer, QuickBOLT has been working with solar installers for nearly a decade to make solar installations easier than ever before.

Our highly experienced personnel are always ready to discuss your goals and concerns to ensure you get the solutions you need, when you need them. 

Where did we start?

QuickBOLT is a division of Quickscrews International Corporation. Founded in 1987 as a local wholesaler of products for the cabinet and furniture tradesQuickscrews International Corporation has evolved into the supplier of the most popular brand of fasteners in the industry.

Quickscrews has become recognized as a leader in both Quality and Performance. Goods are able to arrive anywhere in the country within 4 days due to optimal warehouse locations in California and South Carolina.

Using Technology to Handle Customers Large to Small

Quickscrews continues to use technology to service many different categories of customers. Whether you are a weekend warrior looking to finish your latest project or you are a large commercial cabinetmaker, Quickscrews is prepared to handle your challenges and service your needs. If you are a wholesaler looking to add a profitable screw line or simply trying to support your local customers, we are recognized as having the best custom wholesale program in the country.

Quickscrews Goes Online

In 2010, we began the process of marketing direct through our Website. Our customer base has expanded rapidly while continuing to develop more tools for our wholesale distributors. Although these two results seem opposite in nature, they actually go hand in hand quite well. Distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers and DIY weekend warriors have all been benefactors of our change and growth. We can now service easily over 10,000 customers.

QuickBOLT Division Brings Rapid Growth

Facing a deep recession in 2009, Quickscrews launched a new Solar Division: QuickBOLT. We took the Solar industry by surprise, leveraging our expertise in importing overseas. Almost overnight we were able to design improvements to products, identify customers in the market, and within 3 years grew to become one of the leading suppliers to solar installers and distributors throughout the United States.

Great Employees Make Great Companies

Good companies are forced to change. Great companies embrace it. Employees at Quickscrews work tirelessly to maintain Quickscrews’ superior reputation while adapting to the change that comes with growth. We understand that while we grow, we must not forget that stability has been a key to our success. Greg Wiener, Quickscrews founder, has been at the helm since 1987 when he started the business in his garage in San Mateo, California. His philosophy has been to provide employees the opportunity to grow with the company and promote from within. Over 50% of our employees have been with the company longer than 10 years, and 3 of them have been “lifers,” with the company for more than 28 years.

Multi-Generation Family Business

Greg’s sons, Jared, Mike and Aaron, work at the company as well as his wife, Deborah, who has been working alongside and supporting Greg since the beginning. The Wieners are very proud that the next generation will be here to continue the dream that started so long ago. The Wiener family, along with the Quickscrews family, wants all of our customers and vendor partners to know how grateful we are for your loyalty and business over the years.

30 Years in the Making

Looking back, Mr. Wiener says: “After almost 30 years, I still love to get up and come to work every day. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If I had to do it all over again, I would. Quickscrews has been my life. One day the next generation will make it theirs.”

Products are stocked in Livermore, CA, and Rock Hill, SC, allowing QuickBOLT to meet the needs of any company or individual nationwide.



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