• Many of you interact with solar mounting roof hooks on a regular basis, perhaps you're an installer, an engineer, a designer, or maybe even a homeowner curious about the process. Of all the different roof hooks available on the market today for installers to choose from, the Tile Hook is one of the most common.

    In this article, we'll take you through the ten step process of producing a solar roof hook! Read below.



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  • With the COVID Pandemic in full force, more small businesses are shutting down than ever before. That’s why it’s especially important to cut costs where you can for your business and increase your income in the process.

    Solar installation involves so many different moving parts - racking, panels, electrical, mounting, the roofing materials, and not to mention the actual costs of running a business! As solar becomes more popular it will only get more complicated, and your job would be a lot easier if it were simpler right?

    We think so. So in this article we’ll show you how to spend less time on each solar installation, which will allow you to take on more jobs, and do it all without sacrificing quality.




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  • Hello everyone, and welcome to the first article on the QuickBOLT Blog! As we start this up we'll be exploring the exciting new format and the endless possibilities with our content.

    I’m Mikey and I’m the new Content Editor for QuickBOLT. I’ll be the main author and editor contributing to the blog. I’m excited to be able to share my thoughts with you readers, and develop this format moving forward.

    You may be thinking, “Who is Mikey? Why should I trust this blog? And finally, why would I bother reading what they put out? Read here to find out!




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