QB2 is Florida Approved!
FL# 35022


QuickBOLT’s strongest Top Mount, QB2, has been officially approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Now that QB2 has been approved, solar installers in Florida can expect an even easier permitting process when submitting designs that include the QB2.

Florida is known for having notoriously high standards for building codes due to its High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), like in Miami Dade County. All new projects must meet a set of requirements to ensure products are secure when tested against these extreme weather conditions. Florida Product Approval Numbers (FL#) are the state measurement for these requirements. This approval requires going through a series of rigorous product evaluations.


QuickBOLT received its approval in January 2021 for their QB2 Top Mount, which mounts over asphalt shingle. This product can also be installed on flat roofs with Rolled Asphalt, EPDM and TPO. This is made possible by the BoltSeal™ mechanical-compression technology and the company’s 30+ years of experience developing wood fasteners with Quickscrews International, parent company of QuickBOLT.


QB2 comes in stainless steel (part #17662) and black (part #17862) for customers that want an all-black solar array.

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