How Small Packaging Leads to More Business

Sometimes less is more and small footprint mounting solutions for solar installers means that they can focus on the complicated things in their day-to-day. Mounting solar shouldn't be complicated, and it shouldn't be complicated to get either. That's why we designed the small packaging for our QB2 + Microflashing® kits the way we did, to make solar mounting easier for everyone involved in the process from factory to installation site.

QuickBOLT is always thinking about ways to make installation easier. One way we achieve this is through product design. Microflashing® was created to reduce installation pains, reduce materials and focus more attention on what mattered when bolting solar arrays to the roof - protecting the point of penetration. Microflashing® + BoltSeal® technology is what protects the mounts from water and makes top mounting possible.

Microflashing® allows installers to focus on installation, and logistics to thrive. We are able to fit 25 QB2 with 3” Microflashing® mounts into a single kit box, which can be held in the palm of one hand or under the arm.

This does 3 things. First, these boxes take up significantly less storage space in a warehouse because of the kit size. One case of QB2 comes with three Microflashing® kits (75 mounts total) and is about 12” x 10” x 6” making it easier to store, and easier to move parts from jobsite to jobsite. One pallet of QB2 mounts contains 3,600 mounts compared to one case of 20 mounts + traditional flashing at 960 mounts per pallet. QuickBOLTs take up one quarter of the space compared to mounting solutions using traditional flashing.

Second, because more mounts fit in a box, less boxes are required per jobsite. The boxes themselves are recyclable, so you’re left with minimal waste on the roof. Mountains of trash at a jobsite is counterproductive to sustainability efforts, and a hassle to deal with, especially on a pitched roof on a windy day.

Finally, the small, lightweight parts make it easy to carry multiple kits in one trip instead of juggling large flashing pieces or heavy galvanized steel. 2 kit boxes are all you need for the average residential roof, meaning you can carry all the mounts you need up the ladder in a single trip.  

We’ve said it for years: less is more. With less parts and less material, you can speed up your install, reduce waste, and save space on your shelves. Save your money on material and time spent per job, so you can complete more jobs faster.

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