Original Top Mount: Low Profile

Welcome welcome, it's time for another video release announcement! This week we're dropping the third video in the Original Top Mount video Series, featuring the Low Profile QB1.

This video covers the second iteration of the QuickBOLT: Low Profile QB1.

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Series Introduction

The Top Mount Series includes videos covering the QuickBOLT Top Mount Product line, as explained by Greg Wiener. Greg Wiener lays out the history and decisions that went on up to this point to develop our killer mounting solutions.

You can follow our product development history from founding in 2009 to the release of the original QuickBOLT shortly thereafter, to each subsequent development after that through these series of videos.

The Original Top Mount Company

You can read more in-depth about our company history in our other blog articles, our About Us, and in the upcoming videos in the Original Top Mount Series!

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