Please read through our Brand Guidelines page before using QuickBOLT artwork. 

Download the logos by clicking on the hyperlink of the preferred file type below the image. 

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Color Specifications

The QuickBOLT full-color logo is made from the colors below.

To ensure accurate color reproduction, when printing in a four-color process, use the specific CMYK formulas listed. Do not use Pantone spot color swatches for matching four-color process colors.


HEX: 55bcd7
RGB: 85, 188, 215
CMYK: 60%, 6%, 11%, 0%
PMS: Pantone 637 C


HEX: ffb300 
RGB: 255, 179, 0
CMYK: 0%, 33%, 100%, 0%
PMS: Pantone 7549 C


HEX: ff9700
RGB: 255, 151, 0
CMYK: 0%, 48%, 100%, 0%
PMS: Pantone 2013