QuickBOLT2 with Microflashing
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Multi Roof Mount - 5/16 X 4" QuickBOLT2 Kit with 3" Microflashing and SS Low Profile L-Foot 25/Kit - Weight/Kit = 11.00 Lbs
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The QB2 Kit is the Fastest and easiest way to mount Solar to a variety roofs Sealant is Optional. Leak Proof-Water Test Results - Sealant is Optional. ASTM E331 @ 15.00psf No Leakage. ASTM E331 (modified), 120 min @ 30.00 PSF No Leakage. ASTM E2124 (modified), 6" water column for 7 days No Leakage. Dual Drive System use either Standard 1/2" Hex or 6MM Hex Insert Bit. To compress MicroFlashing&reg; properly with QB2 requires 150 Minimum Torque Lbs/Inch. The 10MM x 46MM rail slot accepts 5/16" or 3/8" bolts. Compatible with Rail and Most Railless Systems Including Snap N Rack, Unirac, IronRidge and Eco Fasten. Simply Drill, seal, and mount! Patent #8448407

Customers of the QB2 say:

"What stuck out about the QB2 is the ease of the microflashing, there's no extra steps to it. You drive the bolt in, the microflashing compresses, and you don't even need to use sealant" -Salt Energy

"I love the QuickBolt MicroFlashing!" -GTRE

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