QB2 is Miami-Dade & Florida Approved
NOA NO: 22-0214.03
FL# 35022

QuickBOLT’s QB2 with 3” Microflashing® has officially received Miami-Dade County Acceptance meaning easier permitting processes, greater permit approval coverage, and savings on solar installation projects.

QB2 received Florida State approval back in January 2021 meeting state requirements and improving the permitting prospects of installers across the state, now Miami-Dade NOA significantly improves the permitting position of QB2.

Miami-Dade is known to have the strictest approval process in the country due to its High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). All new projects must meet a set of requirements to ensure products are secure when tested against these extreme weather conditions. The Miami-Dade County NOA requires going through a series of rigorous product evaluations, including both structural engineering and water ingress protection.

Having Miami-Dade NOA for both tests in one - as QB2 has - allows installers to skip project-specific stamped engineering and save on permitting costs. This speeds up the permitting process and saves money on each job, in addition to the time savings installers will receive from mounting with QB2, which saves an average of 1.5 -2 hours per 7kW system.

QB2 mounts over asphalt shingle and can be installed on flat roofs with Rolled Asphalt, EPDM, or TPO. Mounting over the shingle with QB2’s Microflashing®, rather than lifting shingles to install sheet metal flashing, protects the integrity of the roof by maintaining the existing roof protections. Top mounting is made possible by patented BoltSeal® mechanical-compression technology and the company’s 30+ years of experience developing wood fasteners with Quickscrews International, parent company of QuickBOLT.

QB2 comes in stainless steel (part #17662) and black (part #17862) for customers that want an all-black solar array.


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Contains TAS 100(A) and ASTM D747-11 Load Testing

Miami-Dade Permit Packet
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